Friedrich Grimm

University of Stuttgart

Prof. Friedrich Grimm was born in Stuttgart in 1954. He studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 1980. After having finished his studies in 1981, he worked as an employed architect and later on temporarily joined the scientific staff of the Institute for Building Construction at the University of Stuttgart. During his practice as a freelanced architect, since 1989 he took part in competitions and completed several multifamily houses in southern Germany. Due to a series of books, which he has written in the field of steel construction, edited by Ernst & Sohn in Berlin (2003), and one the subject of one family homes, edited by Callwey in Munich (2006), he was nominated a professor honorary in 2009 by the faculty one, for architecture and urban design at the university of Stuttgart. In 2016, he founded the RES- Institute as a completely independent think tank in the field of renewable energies. Since then he works with passion and endurance on projects matching the RES-Institutes obligation to provide blueprints for a friendly climate on earth. Several patents in the field of concentrated solar thermal systems led him into the field of optics where he invented a wide angel sensor, recording light signals with infinite depth of field in real time. Among his inventions there is also a new achromatic lens focusing light of different wave lengths, even x-rays. His latest invention relates to a quantum mechanical device which, making use of the electronic spin of quantum particles with spin number 1/2, to create a fluid dynamic equilibrium within an electromagnetically enclosed plasma of a fusion reactor, by a regular change of the spin's angular momentum.